It’s already bad enough that millions of canines will not get the opportunity to experience a loving home like a lot of other dogs have the opportunity to. An even harsher reality is that kill shelters are a thing, and they’re unfortunately legal. There’s really no way to wrap one’s head around that.

However, after 4-year-old Roman learned about kill animal shelters, he was completely against the idea. In response, he decided to dedicate himself to open a non-profit by the name of Project Freedom Ride to give over a thousand dogs a chance at not just survival but of a forever home. He decided he’d take part in this initiative two years ago.

Now aged six, Roman explains what inspired him to create his incredible mission over. Him and his mom, Jennifer “Jen” McCon, were at a Texas adoption event. Immediately, little Roman asked his mom why the dogs were there. Once he realized they were orphans, he replied by saying that each of the dogs needed to have homes. Then one day, Jen and her family adopted a dog from a kill shelter, sparking the inspiration on her end as well.

Today, Roman and his mother take dogs from high-kill shelters in Texas to Washington for new homes. Jen states, “The world for a dog, generally speaking, was so much better up here in Washington than down there in Texas.”

Roman also dedicates his time to record personal videos with sheltered dogs with information about them (their age, the type of dog they are, etc.), to post on Facebook, with the goal to get them adopted quicker. He also communicates with families who are interested in potentially adopting a pup. Bless this young boy’s heart!

Project Freedom Ride also partners with a variety of rescue shelters in Texas as they have the same goal to provide a home for every animal they house.

Since starting his mission, Roman has helped over 1,050 dogs and counting. That’s a lot of furry friends!

If you’re interested in donating, you can do so on their Facebook page. Being a non-profit, all monetary donations go straight back into Roman’s goal for find homes for innocent canines.

If you could start any non-profit you wanted without fear of judgment or concern about funding, what would you start?

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