Something really incredible happened last month in Tuckahoe, New York. A VERY good dog who goes by the sweet name of Sadie managed to break her way out of her house while her owner and young daughter were away from home. Now, this might not sound like the behavior of a “good dog,” perse, but it is when you realize that she did it in a bid to save the neighborhood from an impending disaster.

You see, like most dogs, Sadie the Pit Bull has a really strong sense of smell, so when she noticed that a very noxious odor was coming from the basement, she knew she had to alert someone, ANYONE to the problem. As it turns out, that scent was none other than fume from a gas leak wafting up from the subterranean floor. Gas leaks are rare, but dangerous situations that could very well cause a fire or explosion.

Once Sadie was able to break free from the house, the local police were contacted by a concerned citizen who reported the pit bull barking alone, in front of the home. Police arrived and, believe it or not, the amazing dogg-o was able to tell them exactly what was going awry. Luckily, they listened to Sadie and were quickly able to get a hold of the dangerous situation.

The Tuckahoe Police Department gave the public a rundown of the incident on its Facebook page:

At approximately 3:45pm yesterday, we received a call of a loose, barking dog on Fairview Avenue. As officers managed to return the dog (Sadie) to the backyard, they noticed the sliding glass door was open, and the fence was broken.

At first it appeared that Sadie was being a bad girl. However, as officers were walking the perimeter of the house, they smelled an odor of gas coming from an open basement window. Eastchester FD and Con Ed were called to the scene and determinedthere was a gas leak coming from the basement.

Did Sadie sense danger? Did she smell the gas in the house, and force her way outside to the street to draw attention?

Sadie – Great work sniffing out danger and getting help! If we are ever in need of a K9, we will put you at the top of our list!

Are we the only ones out there who cry happy tears when confronted with these tales of doggy heroism? We’re so happy to be reporting on yet another real-life story that paints pit bulls in a positive light–and, more importantly, we’re even happier to learn that Serena and her little girl are safe and sound!

To learn even more about this incredible story, and to meet the intrepid doggy for yourself, be sure to watch Rachael Ray’s video below. Spoiler alert: the talk show host honors Sadie with a paws-itively rad gift!

We’d love to hear your thoughts on Sadie the Pit Bull. Are you surprised that she was able to sniff out the gas and get help? Has your dog ever exhibited similar behavior before? Do you have any personal experiences with gas leaks?